Personal Rescue Systems

Rotrex OnSite provide personal rescue devices by Latchways – lightweight and unobtrusive whilst offering outstanding safety without getting in the way.

Latchways Personal Rescue Systems

Rotrex OnSite is a Latchways approved maintenance, repair and installation provider.

The Latchways personal rescue device is designed as a simple and reliable means of self rescue. It’s worn as part of a standard harness and with Latchways patented components, it takes up very little space. Activation is simple and done by just pulling the cord. It also has a secondary release mechanism built in.

The ‘backpack’ is small and neat, never getting in the way, it just becomes part of everyday workwear for the engineer. It’s also robust enough to stand up to the elements when working outside.

Minimal training

Safety doesn’t get much simpler than this. Using the device is just a matter of pulling the cord and the devices integrated braking mechanism ensures that the person is lowered to the ground in a controlled way.

Mechanical integrity

This personal rescue device uses only quality components, with a limited number of working parts, ensuring the 100% mechanical integrity required by a device of this type.


The Latchways personal rescue device consists of a full body harness and integral descender device that conforms to all the required standards.

The harness conforms to:

  • EN 361: 2002
  • ANSI Z359.1.2007

The descender device conforms to:

  • EN 341: 2011 Type 1, Class D
  • ANSI Z359.4:2007

The ‘backpack’ and harness conform to:

  • BS EN 13463-1:2001 equipment group 11 category 2
Latchways Personal Rescue Systems

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Latchways Personal Rescue Systems

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Latchways Personal Rescue Systems


Latchways Personal Rescue Systems