Another day, another trip

It’s so important that cradle equipment is always fully tested and in good working order so that building managers are able to stay on top of their cleaning schedules.  Clients rely on BMU equipment and when a breakdown occurs it needs to be rectified quickly to minimise down time on-site.

Our engineers were called to a cradle fault, with the building manager reporting that the cradle kept tripping the RCD breaker.  When the engineers arrived on-site, they checked the common cases, the winches and the control cabinet, but both tested without issue.  After further investigation the engineers found that the outer insulation on the cable control wiring was chaffed as it entered the connection box, and this was causing the current to earth.

A temporary repair was made to enable the cradle the return to service and recommendations were provided on how to permanently fix the fault.  It’s this high level of service and support that continues to satisfy our customers time and time again.

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