Nights of the trade

In situations where timing is critical, it is really important to be working with a company that understands your constraints and knows how to alleviate them.  That’s why we’ve just won a new emergency breakdown and servicing contract for a shopping centre.

In order for the shopping centre to generate as much revenue as possible in the day, all maintenance and repair work has to be completed during closing times, so that it doesn’t interfering with the customers shopping experience.  As soon as the shopping centre closes, crews of cleaners and maintenance engineers work through the night cleaning windows and fixing lights to ensure that the facilities are ready for the following day’s shoppers.

However due to their height of the windows and lights, they can only be accessed by the use of working at height equipment.  This makes our role of inspecting, testing and maintaining the equipment incredibly important to our client, as there can be no delays for the cleaning and maintenance crews.  As added piece of mind we are also offer an 24 hour emergency breakdown service for our client, so if any issues arise while the crews are using the equipment we can come in and resolve them immediately.  It’s just another service we offer to make our customers days easier.

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